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Flexible, short term creative talent

Flexible, short term creative talent

The employee base within your organisation may be in balance today, but it may just be that tomorrow, due to sickness or other related incidents, this suddenly changes. In addition, there may be a desire for greater flexibility when it comes to staffing. During one quarter, there may be 5 ongoing projects and the next quarter there may be 10, and if your department is setup for average business operations, this may result in an undesirable bottleneck in which more flexibility is required. At ATOM Design Professionals, we are your staffing partner for situations like this.


Your organization may have contacts with freelance specialists, but the characteristics of a project are that it has a starting and ending point. The freelance specialists will not always be available for work in the short term. We create structure between demand and availability of creative specialists. At any given moment, it must be possible to act on short notice. ATOM Design Professionals is designed for this exact situation.


Selection procedure

Selection procedure

Our rigorous selection process means that ATOM Design Professionals has personally interviewed each candidate and they have gone through the details of the relevant position extensively. In addition, we will also pay careful attention to the fact that the personality of the candidate matches the culture of your organisation.


When we find candidates whose profile matches your wishes, their CV with their relevant work experience will be presented to you. Depending on your location and the interim professional’s location, an introductory meeting will be organized in person, or remotely via video call.

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